Recruiting Personal Injury Attorneys

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Best Supports Among the Injury Lawyers

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Working With Estate and Wills Lawyers

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The Ultimate Guide Part Six – Negotiations

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How To Find Suitable Personal Injury Lawyer

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Contingency Collection Lawyer Guide

I am not a lawyer, I am a judgment referral expert (Judgment Broker). This article is based on my California opinions and observations about retaining a contingency collection lawyer to recover a civil money judgment. Every state has different laws, and this article is not legal advice.

The word contingency means uncertainty, and implies the assumption of a risk. Most lawyers charge by the hour, because that eliminates most of their risk of not being paid for their work, and for any incurred expenses.

A contingency collection lawyer charges some or all of their fees as a percentage of a successful collection. They usually take judgments only when the debtor appears to have assets, and the risks of not being able to recover the judgment appears to be minimal and reasonable.

Enforcing a judgment always involves a financial risk. The time and expenses incurred may not result in any recovered money, and sometimes one can spend more money than one may recover. For this reason, most lawyers will only recover a judgment if they are paid a retainer upfront, and then on an hourly basis.

Of course, almost everyone wants their judgment recovered on

A Lawyers Guide to Turning Down

I’m a lawyer. I really am. I have been for 26 plus years. I’ve always been able to attract clients and must have done a competent job for most of them since I’ve had a lot of repeat business. This doesn’t make me an expert on business development, as we call it. Honestly, I’m not sure how best to go about that. Moreover, the legal world is chock full of advice on building your practice, marketing and generating new business. It’s doubtful that I have much to add to that vast sea of information, or misinformation, as the case may be.

I once worked in a law firm that was concerned to the point of obsession about generating new business. “Origination” was the term they used. If one “originated” enough business, he or she became a “rainmaker,” the most valuable of all lawyers, regardless of legal acumen or lack thereof. The rules regarding origination credit were Byzantine and ever-changing. For example, you might think you deserved credit for a new client, only to find out that aged partner had represented an employee of the company on a DUI many years ago. Thus, he was entitled to the