Let Your Lawyer Ask the Questions

Many times when someone goes to see a lawyer for the first time, they are unsure how to proceed with relaying their story as it relates to the case. You will want your lawyer to be as informed as possible, so that they can represent you well; however, you must also be careful what information you provide. So, above all, the most important guideline you should follow when speaking to your lawyer is to allow them to ask the questions. Let the consultation run like an interview.

You should know in advance that whatever information you provide to your lawyer, you have to stick with those same facts in court. If your story differs in court from what you have told your lawyer, you could possibly be committing perjury. If your lawyer notices this, they will have to tell the judge and this can damage your case

So when you see your lawyer for that first time consultation, don’t be the first to start talking or you may fall into the trap of explaining your story to the point where you begin rambling. This is where a lot of people make mistakes and give too much information. Instead, let the lawyer guide the conversation. Keep your answers short and too the point.

There may be times you will want to find out something from your lawyer, but do not want to reveal that you are guilty of what you are being accused of. In this case, consider starting off the question as a hypothetical question.  “Let’s say hypothetically, that I did this or that”. This will save you from actually admitting to anything and the lawyer can still answer your question. Following this fundamental rule will also save you from wasting time explaining your story. Since lawyers can charge quite a bit for their time and services, you don’t need to waste your own money explaining your story either.

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