Involve a Business Lawyer

If you have a small business or are planning to start one, then building a relationship with a small business attorney can be one of the best things you can do. Not only will a lawyer guide you into setting up your small business correctly, but will help guide you through all the different aspects of owning a small business. There are a lot of legal aspects to business that an owner may not have considered when starting one, so having access to a lawyer can have a lot of benefits.

Here are some common legal situations that a small business attorney will help with:

  • Starting your business properly. A lawyer will probably suggest you incorporate right off the bat as this gives you personal protection since the business becomes a legal entity in the eyes of the law.
  • Dealing with employees. Hiring and firing as well as paying them for their work. This includes taxes and even employment contracts
  • Dealing with independent contractors instead of employees in the workplace
  • How to decide whether to lease buildings and equipment or purchase. There are legal and strategic reasons for each and a business lawyer will be able to give you the options
  • Preparing sales, purchase and employment contracts.
  • How to protect your business name and trademarks. This can be important if you have a product that becomes popular
  • Dealing with on-line commerce and how to ensure your business is doing it properly
  • Resolving disputes in business. This can be a contractual issue, a product issue or even a liability issue that a lawyer will be best equipped to deal with for you
  • How to set up your business to protect your assets in case of a lawsuit or other legal issue
  • Making sure all your bases are covered if you’re buying a business, dealing with becoming a franchise or even selling your business.

Business ownership is complicated enough without having to attend to all the details alone. Business attorneys know all the in’s and out’s of the legal system and understand the traps and pitfalls that small business owners have to deal with. Consulting with one during all phases of your business may seem like an unnecessary expense, but like having insurance, it’s an expense that is well worth it. Having the comfort in knowing you’re personally protected, that your business is protected and that you’re running your business properly is well worth every penny.

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