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Best Supports Among the Injury Lawyers

The means of public transport, among which are urban and intercity buses, can suffer traffic accidents that cause injuries to its occupants. Occasionally, the responsibility rests with the bus driver, being the most common causes braking or strong acceleration, or the exits of the road.

Other times the fault of the accident is of a third party. The most common case is that of a vehicle of any kind that is unexpectedly traversed in the path of the bus, there may be a collision between the two or that the bus driver abruptly stops to avoid the same, causing the fall of one or several occupants of it.

In any case, the occupant of a bus, or any means of public transport, has the right to claim compensation for the damages suffered, regardless of who was at fault in the accident and will be compensated by the insurer of the responsible. The Pittsburgh Injury Lawyers, P.C. really help here.

The steps to claim compensation for the accident as an occupant of a bus whose driver is responsible for it are the following:

We must keep the ticket or transport certificate used that day to prove that we were traveling as occupants of the bus.

In no case should the bus be abandoned without informing the driver that we have been injured, and we must immediately notify the driver to stop the bus? The drivers are obliged to give a part of incidents of any event that occurred during the service, which will be necessary if we want the insurer of the bus to be responsible for the compensation later.

The responsibility of the accident must fall on the driverĀ  to be able to claim compensation for civil liability in these cases, that is to say, accidental fallsĀ  or imputable to the occupant are not possible, since in that case the culprit is exclusively the user, who only You can claim if you meet the requirements for this compensation under the so-called Compulsory Passenger Insurance or SOV, coverage that all users of a public means of transport have included by the mere fact of having purchased a ticket. Search personal injury lawyer near me and you will find the options.

It is essential to call the agents of the authority to go on the spot to the scene of the accident and raise a statement about what happened, in addition to having witnesses of the fall, which will normally be other bus passengers. These means of proof are essential to avoid that the driver wants to impute the responsibility to the occupant and exempt himself from guilt.

  • The emergency services should be called to make us the first medical assistance in the same place as the accident, proving the causal relationship between the accident and the injuries. And they do not transfer us to a medical center, we must, in any case, go to the nearest hospital to make a full report on the injuries suffered in the face of the claim.

It is also necessary to put a claim in the corresponding company, indicating the date and time of the accident, registration and bus number, exact place of occurrence, and attach to the same copy of the emergency or injury, data of the report and witnesses to the accident, and photographs if available, keeping a copy of the claim to manage the accident.